10 Ways to Bring Back the Sex Fireworks in Your Relationship

Maybe you’ve been with your partner for a long time and all the sparks have gone out. Maybe the kids or your career take all your energy and focus and there’s little time left for passion when the dishes are done and the kids are tucked in.

So what do you do?  How do you re-ignite your passion for one another? Here are a few simple ideas for spicing things up and keeping your relationship fresh.

1. Mini Vacation

Take a mini vacation for just the two of you.  This idea works for even tight budgets. Even if you only get an Airbnb or a bed & breakfast in the next town over, the point is to remove all the outside distractions like kids, pets, jobs, bills, and other issues to be able to just focus on the time for YOU.

2. Look Into Thier Eyes

Make more direct eye contact. Just holding and maintaining intimate eye contact for prolonged periods of time can really help you communicate without words.

3. Just Listen

Use your ears to actually listen to your partner and really try to understand and discuss their concerns about the relationship.  Do they need to hear you say you love them more often? Do they need you to help out around the house so they’re not so exhausted trying to do it all?  Whatever the underlying issues are in your relationship; it’s best to try to listen and discuss them once and for all, like adults, which means no name calling and bringing up past faults.

4. Focus On The Positive

Focus on the positive and building new memories that remind you of the “good old times.”  Remembering both the positive qualities that interested you in your partner in the first place and focusing on their good traits instead of their faults can rekindle a romance.

5. Touch Often

Touch each other more intimately.  Quick pecks on the cheek is not what we mean.  Hold hands, massage each other’s shoulders and offer one another neck rubs or foot rubs.

6. Bump & Grind

Slow dance.  Put on some classic romantic records and light a few candles for an easy dance on your living room floor.

7. Sex, Sexting, & Oral Sex. Get It In

Carve out different times during the day for sex.  Vary your routine and position, maybe even try out a kink or two.

8. Meaningful Surprises

Leave a surprisingly sweet text or handwritten love note for your other they will get while at work.

9. Things To Do In Bed Besides Sex

Surprise them with breakfast in bed or nice massage.

10. Please & Thank You

Try saying thank you for the things they do every day.

Life & Style After 40!
Life & Style After 40!

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